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MuLeMa - support for insurance agencies

MuLeMa is a computer program which is designed for accounting and monitoring the commissions of insurance brokers, maintaining archives of insurance policies, employees, insurers and other entities, producing analysis and reports in tabular or graphical form and supports other needs of insurance agencies and agents. It intends to be used by insurance agents and agencies that have contracts with insurance companies and work either as self-employed brokers or hold a large agency with a multilevel, linear or any other organisational form of employees or outsorcing agents.

MuLeMa is most advanced and prominent software to support the insurance agencies in Slovenia and has ambitions even to increase its advantage and expand to other countries and regions. Pointing to the important functionality that is missing and is generally useful, we will add it for free as soon as possible. MuLeMa seeks to have the best relationship between price and functionality, and price list is designed to be conformed to small dealers as well as large agencies.

The program supports several methods of charging broker fees and allows each agency to use its own conceptual model for rewarding employees or contractors in multilevel structure or any other form. Commission can be spaced between staff and arbitrary levels of trainers (mentors). Commission can be calculated in proportion to the every single income or on the basis of parameters such as the annual premium, insurance duration, the insured amount, premium amount, and by optional custom reschedule of payments. Separate commission group model can be configured for each insurance product, or same commissioned products can be assigned to the the common commission group. Career system supports many promotion criteria parameters for multi- or non multilevel organisational form.

Independent insurance brokers who primarily don't need commission distribution calculations, can benefit other functionalities, such as record keeping, list of renewal candidates, documentation archiving module which enables accompanying documentation to be just a click away even on the road as an replacement for office limited manual file folder searching, sending email or SMS messages to brokers or customers, calculating and analizing the expected revenues on basis of current portfolio in coming months or years, producing customized reports and printouts.... At the same time you always have at hand known and proven tool which enables you to expand your ambitions at any time and build your own broker network.

MuLeMa supports cooperation by any number of insurance companies. For each of them we provide a specialized information exchange algorithm which enables native import of data such as insurance policies and products, customers, payments, input commissions. This way there is almost no need for manual data entry of payment and portfolio information. If algorithm for individual insurance company does not yet exist, we will provide it in couple of days, if insurance information exchange file of suitable data format (.xls, .csv, .txt, .xml...) and adequate data contents is provided to us together with a suitable description of the structure and contents. But anyway, there is always a possibility to manually enter and complement data for any insurance company.

MuLeMa supports international networks of brokers and cooperation with insurance companies in different countries, with separate cash flows and accounts for each country, support for different currencies, with possibility of generating reports to brokers in different languages​​.

Each agency is completly indepandant in working with the program, although we are always available for active help and advice. In particular, we actively assist in the configuration establishment and completing of the month accounts and reports until you are trained enough to work independently. Basic work with the program is easy enough to be learned by anyone who knows to handle e-mail and understands its own commissioning policy.

We are providing multiple support channels, like phone, email, Skype, remote desktop by TeamViewer....

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